historic microtonal keyboards

Kircher & Mersenne

Athanasius Kircher: Musurgia Universalis (1650). Microtonal keyboards: book VI, p. 456–463.
Marin Mersenne: Harmonie Universelle (1636): book VI, p.349–358.

images compared and Pure Data pathes to listen to them:






Greek genera

(pd. patch) kythara-1

M. L. West: Ancient Greek Music (Clarendon, Oxford, 1994)



Nicola Vicentino: L’antica musica ridotta a la prattica moderna (1555)

English translation: Ancient Music Adapted to Modern Practice by Nicola Vicentino, ed. by Claude V. Palisca, transl. by Maria Rika Maniates (Yale University Press, 2011)

keyboard (pure data) 31bill-vicentino


general literature:

Karol Berger: Theories of Chromatic and Enharmonic Music in Late 16th Century Italy (UMI Research Press, 1980)

— ‘Enharmonic keyboard’, ‘Temperaments’, ‘Arcicembalo’, ‘Microtonal instruments’: articles in the New Grove Dictionary


more Pure Data patches

the Helmholtz-field (pure data) helmholtz
a midi or computer keyboard controlled superpiano for studying the 12 key temperements zg_deluxe
a midi or computer keyboard controlled superpiano for microtonal scales szuperzg-1
an exercise tool for tuning octave and fifth with nonlinear spectra anharm-1

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